07/05/2012 07:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lindsay Lohan Red Hair Is Back Again After 'Liz & Dick' Wraps (PHOTO)

We'll admit we may have overreacted when Lindsay Lohan returned to her redheaded roots in March. She's back on track, we declared, returning to the days of "Mean Girls," a healthy lifestyle and no scandals.

One highway collision, one bizarre health scare and several outrageous Terry Richardson pics later, it seems that hanging our hopes on the red hair was a bit premature. So we'll scale back the expectations this time: Lindsay Lohan's gone red yet again... and we're just happy to see that it's a color that suits her.

As reported, the actress headed to the salon after wrapping up "Liz & Dick," the much anticipated Lifetime's made-for-TV movie in which LiLo plays a brunette Liz Taylor. She emerged after five hours with a darker red 'do and then proceeded to party the night away out in L.A.

Because when it comes to hair and a wild party style, some things never change.

See Lindz's new color below and head to for more photos.


lindsay lohan red hair

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