07/06/2012 05:37 pm ET Updated Jul 06, 2012

Camilo Torres: Alleged Drug Dealer Arrested At His Own Wedding

Camilo Torres' new bride isn't the only "ball and chain" he got on his wedding day.

The BBC reports that Torres, who is better known as "Fritanga" or Fry-Up, was arrested on drug charges shortly after reciting his wedding vows on Sunday. He is reported to be an "influential member" of a drug trafficking gang in northern Colombia, according to the BBC.

Police say that Torres dished out more than $1 million for the wedding and reception, which took place on a Caribbean island. Guests included high-profile soap opera stars and entertainers.

Torres isn't the first newlywed to have his Big Day cut short by police. An Iowa man was also arrested on his wedding day in 2011 after starting a fight with a groomsman who had been dancing with the bride, and a Boston wedding ended with several arrests after a brawl broke out at the bar in March.

Most couples, however, do make it all the way to their wedding receptions without any such incidents. Click through the slides below to see some of the real weddings that happened this week.