07/06/2012 12:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Devil's Photobooth: Classic Harold Feinstein Photo Made Into Creepy GIF

What happens when the Internet collides with fine art? You get something amazing... and in this case, kind of terrifying.

Photographer Harold Feinstein, born in 1931, is a celebrated American photographer, known for his portraits of Coney Island, where he was born, as well as nudes, still lifes and street photography. He also has a stunning collection of photographs from when he was a draftee in the Korean War in 1951. One of those photos, GI In Photo Booth, Kilmer, 1951, apparently caught the eye of a Photoshop pro somewhere, who decided to take Feinstein's beautiful, somber photo and give it more of a nightmarish spin.

The result: a photo that, as Dangerous Minds puts it, looks like, "A camera caught in the act of stealing someone’s soul."

Thank you, Internet. We won't sleep tonight.



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