07/06/2012 12:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kate Middleton Cover Of New Republic Features Gross Rotting Teeth (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton rarely (if ever) poses for magazine covers, so publications often snag her image on their own, teasing pregnancy stories or Photoshopping her to their hearts' content.

But the latest mag to put Catherine's face on its front has gone further than we ever expected a mag to go: they made her unattractive. For its July 12, 2012, issue, The New Republic had the audacity to mar the duchess' lovely face with rotting yellow teeth, replacing her gleaming smile with a stereotypically "British" one (yes, we went there, just as TNR intended us to).

The cover story is not about Catherine nor royals in general but rather the decaying state of the British economy and government. So it's a wonder the publication chose Kate, not Boris Johnson, David Cameron or even Queen Elizabeth II, for the cover. Has Catherine become the symbolic face of the entire country?

Honestly, it seems to be going that way. So it's a good thing her face doesn't usually look like this...

Scroll down and consider yourselves warned.


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