07/06/2012 07:17 am ET Updated Jul 06, 2012

LEGO Forest Sprouts In Australia's Living Desert State Park (PHOTOS)

Waking up in a real-life LEGO land might be every kid's fantasy, but for residents of Australia's Broken Hill, it's a two-week reality.

LEGO "planted" colorful flowers and voluminous trees across parts of Living Desert State Park to commemorate 50 years of distribution in Australia and New Zealand.

According to the LEGO Festival website, the forest features pieces 66 times the size of the original toys. The display, which was installed on July 2, will remain in place through July 12.


A LEGO marketing representative said the decision to set up shop in the reserve was no accident.

"Broken Hill is as iconic to Australia as LEGO is to children, so naturally it was the perfect setting for our forest," Caroline Squire told Australian Geographic. "The red dirt is an ideal landscape to show off our sculptures."

So far, the display has been well-received by both locals and tourists.

"I was out there this morning and there were cars coming and going, not just residents but plenty of tourists as well," Broken Hill Mayor Wincen Cuy told Australian Geographic.

The LEGO Group was founded in Denmark in 1932, but it wasn't until 1962 that English salesman John Peddie came to Australia to sell the toys.

Peddie spoke with Australia's Channel Nine earlier this year about bringing the product to the country and facing naysayers who said the toys wouldn't be a success.

"Because it's a plastic and indoor toy, most people said 'Look, you're not going to be able to sell that in Australia, because Christmas is in the middle of summer. Aussie kids are out on the beach or they're playing cricket or running athletics,'" Peddie told the station.

Nevertheless, the businessman remained confident in his mission.

"We knew we should be able to get in there and make it happen," he said in the interview.

LEGO has created similar displays in other towns across Australia, including Sydney, which hosted the forest in April.




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