07/06/2012 04:20 pm ET Updated Jul 09, 2012

Marcel Pohl, Student, Sued By German University For Finishing School Too Quickly

It looks as if finishing with school too quickly can land you in a mess of legal trouble -- at least in Essen, Germany.

Marcel Pohl completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in just three semesters, and now the School of Economics and Management (FOM) is suing the former student for lost income, German newspaper The Local reports.

The degrees normally take about 11 semesters and 60 exams to complete, but the 22-year-old student divvied up lectures and swapped notes with friends in order to speed the process along. Now, his scheme may end up costing him an extra $3,700, according to the paper.

A link to the story was posted on Reddit, where several users expressed admiration for Pohl's speedy strategy.

"You know, for the time wasting I do in 99% of each semester and doing the s*** up 4 hours before final paper's due. I could really use a college that lets me do this (and not sue me afterwards)," Reddit user feureau posted to the forum.

While this school is suing Pohl for allegedly not holding up his end of the bargain, one New York graduate sued her alma mater after she found herself still unemployed months after earning a degree.

Trina Thompson filed suit against Monroe College for $70,000 -- the cost of tuition -- in 2009, claiming the Bronx-based school's Office of Career Advancement didn't do enough to help her get a job in her field, according to the New York Post.

(Via Gawker)