07/06/2012 09:16 am ET Updated Jul 07, 2012

Rachel Maddow: Mitt Romney's Campaign Is A 'Totally, Incoherent Mess' On Health Care (VIDEO)

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Rachel Maddow called out Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Thursday for what she called the "irreplaceable, irreversible flaw in his candidacy."

Maddow discussed the precarious position Romney's campaign found itself in when it sent out contradicting messages following the Supreme Court's ruling that upheld the individual mandate within President Obama's signature Affordable Care Act as a tax.

To make matters clearer, Maddow played a clip from the 2008 Republican primary in which Romney touted his Massachusetts health reform achievement. "I like mandates, the mandates work," Romney said during the 2008 primary. "If you can afford to buy [health] insurance, then buy it."

Speaking of the 2008 clip, Maddow said, "Mitt Romney taking credit for doing as a governor, exactly what Barack Obama did as president, which Mitt Romney now says is the main reason you should vote against Barack Obama for a second term as president."

Maddow wondered why voters who do not want to re-elect Obama because he implemented health reform would then vote to replace him with a politician "that did exactly the same thing, he just did it first." Maddow described Romney's campaign as a "totally, incoherent mess," as it tries to criticize Obama's health reform while simultaneously attempting to tout Romney's own health care achievements. She added that running on his own signature achievement "is the worst possible thing for [Romney] to run on, and he's decided to run on it."

Watch the discussion in the clip above, which comes roughly 6 minutes into the video.