07/09/2012 04:22 pm ET

Tye Malley Gives Birth in 7-Eleven Parking Lot As Husband Chad Delivers Baby

If ever a couple had a reason to say, "Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven," it's Chad and Tye Malley.

When labor pains became too much for Tye as the couple drove to a hospital, her husband was forced to deliver their son, Cais, in a 7-Eleven parking lot not far from their home in Palm Bay, Florida.

The birth happened June 23 in the couple's 2007 Ford Expedition -- which has since been cleaned thoroughly -- with Tye propped in the front seat and Chad standing outside the passenger's door, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The couple thought they had plenty of time to get to the hospital after Tye started having contractions, but her water broke two blocks from the house and things started moving quicker than expected.

"I started to get panicky at that moment. I just knew that we weren't going to make it," Tye Malley told WOGX-TV.

Her husband, a paramedic, immediately stepped on the gas and started running red lights in hopes of getting to the hospital so the doctors could take over.

"I kept yelling at him, 'Baby's coming. Pull over!' You know, he's yelling at me, 'Don't push! Whatever you do, don't push!'" she told the station.

Realizing that the baby was going to arrive into this world before they got to the hospital, the couple pulled into the first place they could find: a 7-Eleven parking lot.

A 911 dispatcher talked Chad through the birth, even telling him to tie off the umbilical cord with a shoelace.

Tye, who was naturally a little distracted, remembers the experience as if it was a blur.

"The 7-Eleven clerk coming out, staring through the window, wide-eyed, not knowing what to do. The crowd of people gathered around and me, relying on Chad for everything," she said to

After the birth, an ambulance took mother and child to the hospital where they stayed for two days.

Cais weighed in a whopping 9 pounds, 10 ounces, which, along with his location of birth, is giving him a nickname he will keep for life as far as his mom is concerned.

"His nickname is probably going to be ‘Big Gulp’ forever, whether he likes it or not," the new mom said to "And I think all 9 pounds, 10 and a half ounces, I think Big Gulp suits him!”