07/09/2012 11:34 am ET

Remembering Ernest Borgnine (VIDEO)

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Award-winning actor Ernest Borgnine passed away on Sunday at the age of 95. Borgnine spent over 60 years in the film and television business, appearing in over 100 movies; his signature gap-tooth smile was familiar to many.

In this video, "The Today Show" pays tribute to Borgnine's extensive career, including his role as Sgt. "Fatso" Judson in the 1953 classic "From Here to Eternity." A series of clips shows his evolution from character actor and gruff villain to his Academy Award-winning performance as lovelorn butcher "Marty," as well as his television debut in "McHale's Navy."

"Today" also reflects on Borgnine's noteworthy personal life, including a brief marriage to Ethel Merman (one of five over his lifetime).

"We will always give the best we possibly can to our profession, so that people may enjoy us in later years," Borgnine said to an audience gathered at the reception for his Screen Actors Guild 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award -- a theme clearly demonstrated in his extensive body of work.

Check out the video above for these memorable moments and more highlights from Borgnine's career.