07/09/2012 04:35 pm ET

Issac Parrish, Detroit Police Officer, On Desk Duty After Service Weapon Discharged, Killing Woman

It was an innocent dance, and it ended in tragedy.

Officer Issac Parrish of the Detroit Police Department was hosting an outdoor fish fry this weekend when a touch from behind caused his service weapon to fire, fatally shooting Adaisha Miller shortly before her 25th birthday.

Police Chief Ralph Godbee held a press conference Monday to explain more details about the incident, which occurred at Parrish's private home near the Southfield Freeway and the Jeffries, and to express his condolences.

"To the family of Adaisha Miller, the deceased, on behalf of the Detroit Police Department; and me, being a father myself, I offer our sincerest condolences by what all apparent preliminary investigation indicates is a very tragic and unfortunate incident," Godbee told reporters.

Miller allegedly embraced, or began to dance with, Parrish from behind, touching his waist and causing his DPD service weapon to fire. The bullet struck her in the heart. Miller died later that evening in a local hospital.

DPD service weapons don't have typical safeties, Godbee said at the press conference. Rather, the safeties are built into the trigger. According to their preliminary findings, which will be continued by a full internal affairs investigation, Parrish did not touch the weapon,. It's possible that Miller mistakenly did. Parrish was wearing a concealed soft holster on his waist, which may have allowed the trigger to be engaged.

Police union lawyer John Goldpaugh said Parrish did not know Miller, who was at the event celebrating in advance of her 25th birthday on Monday.

"All my daughter did was try to enjoy her 25th birthday. Now, instead of planning her 25th birthday party, I have to plan her funeral," Miller's mother Yolanda McNair told WXYZ.

Sgt. Eren Stephens, DPD Public Information Officer, confirmed the identity of Officer Parrish after the press conference. She told The Huffington Post that he has been assigned to administrative duties and his weapon has been taking as evidence.

Watch Godbee's full press conference above from WXYZ.



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