07/09/2012 12:07 pm ET

Jan Hansch, Australian Woman, Finds Decades-Old Target Pay Stub And $500 In Secondhand Napkin (VIDEO)

Clare Fisher bought the napkins second-hand and gave them to her sister, never once imagining that their value far exceeded the $2 she paid for them.

But the value became apparent when her sister, 71-year-old Jan Hansch, sat down at her home in Belgrave, Australia for a meal. When she unrolled the napkin, out rolled $500 in cash and a decades-old pay stub.

"I couldn't believe it when I found all that money," said Hansch to The Frankston Standard Leader. "I was even more surprised to find it had been rolled up for almost 20 years."

The 20-year-old ticket was from Target and made out to the name M. D. Fife, a woman the sisters hunted down only after a trip to Target themselves, and a phone call to a highly skeptical Fife, reports

According to Melbourne's 7News, Fisher and Hansch used their phone book to track down everyone with the last name "Fife" in Victoria, eventually narrowing it down to the money's rightful owner.

"I vaguely remember putting it there," Mrs Fife said of the lost paycheck. "It would have been a quick hiding place... I'm so grateful for their honesty. It's a rarity these days."

Fife rewarded the two and had them over for tea, reports The Herald Sun. She intends to use the money to fix her heater.

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