07/09/2012 11:38 am ET Updated Jul 09, 2012

Kate Middleton vs. Kim Sears: Who Has The Best Hair?

Kate Middleton and Kim Sears both have big style shoes to fill as the very public other halves of prominent British men. The Duchess of Cambridge, of course, must always step out looking princess-perfect while Sears, girlfriend of Wimbledon tennis pro Andy Murray, must also be aware of the critical public eye when getting ready to support her man during on-camera appearances.

Though unlikely rivals, this year's Wimbledon pitted both ladies against each other in a competition for one of the most covetable titles of the sports season (according to us, at least): Best Hair In Britain. Kate's hairstyle has been one of the most requested blowouts during the past year, but the Daily Mail reports that, over the past month, it's Kim's hair that women are asking for the most.

It's no secret that we're huge fans of the duchess' pristine coiffe (and the fact that she treks to the salon for blowouts like the rest of us), but we've been pretty taken with Sears' more fussed up, teased look. And while most women dream about bouncy princess-y hair, we think that there's something to be said about how the tennis pro's girlfriend brings a bit of courtside cool to the table.

So who wins the battle of the blowout: Kate Middleton or Kim Sears? Take a look at photos of the respective 'dos below and tell us what you think.

Kate Middleton vs. Kim Sears: Best Hair In Britain

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