07/09/2012 03:56 pm ET

Monkey Terrorizes Government Medical College Hospital; Official Claims It's A Hoax (VIDEO)

Health officials in India are going bananas over allegations that a monkey was able to slip into a hospital in the city of Jammu and terrorize patients and visitors for nearly three hours before being removed.

The monkey had come into the emergency ward of Government Medical College Hospital to either beat the heat or find food and ended up dozing on a bed for more than three hours, the Wall Street Journal reported.

As might be expected, the patients at the adjoining beds weren't too thrilled to have a monkey as their roommate.

"I came to show my child, but you can see the situation. It looks less like a hospital for humans and more for animals. The monkey is on the next bed and four-five dogs are roaming outside, the hospital looks like a zoo," one patient told NDTV.

"My relative got fruits for the patient, but the monkey snatched it," a visitor told NDTV.

The monkey reportedly left on its own after three hours, but its presence has officials like Omar Abdullah, the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, going ape.

"I am shocked by the images of the monkey in a Jammu hospital. Before I say anything, I owe it to my minister to first ask him to explain," Abdullah tweeted to the Hindustan Times.

Hospital superintendent Manoj Chalotra denied that monkey or stray dogs keep roaming in the corridors of the hospital. He blamed media for "cooking up the story."

"Those photos and video are all fake," he told "Give them to me and I will get their forensic tests done."




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