Oprah Talks OWN Ratings Struggle In Documentary 'Oprah Builds A Network' (VIDEO)

Oprah has discussed her network's ratings struggles many times before, but now she is shedding some light on the difficulties in a new two-part documentary called "Oprah Builds A Network."

The first part of the special premiered on Sunday, and offered a behind-the-scenes look at Oprah's first year as OWN's CEO. The network debuted in January 2011 and she took over last July, after it floundered in the ratings.

AdAge reports that Oprah said that her reputation raised expectations "beyond anything I was capable of doing on my own." The former daytime diva also recounted not being able to focus on OWN in the first few months of its debut because she was working on the final season of her show. "I can honestly say I wasn't committed to the network because I was committed to the show," Oprah said.

She added that the network was not ready to launch when it did. Since taking over as CEO, Oprah has overseen several shakeups at OWN. She brought Rosie O'Donnell in to host her own show last fall, only to cancel the program five months later. Meanwhile, Oprah has snagged numerous blockbuster interviews for "Next Chapter," which has boosted ratings for the network.