07/10/2012 08:50 am ET Updated Jul 10, 2012

Al Sharpton Has Actors Re-Enact Mitt Romney's Hamptons Fundraiser (VIDEO)

Al Sharpton took an unconventional approach to discussing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Hamptons fundraisers on his Monday MSNBC show.

Romney held three fundraisers last weekend in one of the summer's swankiest destinations, an effort that helped him raise $106 million in June. Individuals paid $50,000 to attend either lunch or dinner (or $75,000 per couple). News outlets, including the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, published lengthy stories on Romney's fundraisers that included quotes from party-goers.

Instead of reading off particularly loaded statements made by Romney supporters, Sharpton hired four actors to deliver the lines instead. Each actor was dressed in summer Hamptons-wear (polo shirts, shorts, straw hats, bright colors, a badminton racquet), and recited quotes that were overheard at Romney's fundraisers. Sharpton then interjected his own commentary after each quote.

"In fact, the Romney event was so unbelievable, that I brought in some of our friends from the to do a re-enactment," Sharpton said. "What you're about to hear are things actual Romney supporters actually said to the media at this big fundraiser. These are real quotes."

A female actor launched into character, saying, "I don't think common person is getting it. I just feel like if you're lower income -- one, you're not as educated -- two, they don't get how it works."

Sharpton responded to the quote and said, "Common people don't get it, don't understand how it works. Are you serious?"

Watch the entire segment in the clip above.