07/10/2012 06:03 pm ET Updated Jul 10, 2012

CDC's Wedding Tips: Government Offers Wedding Season Survival Guide

Invited to a wedding this summer? The CDC has you covered.

The Centers for Disease Control released a tongue-in-cheek guide on how to survive wedding season on Monday.

"Being in the throes of wedding season, many of us here at CDC realized that planning for a wedding isn’t that much different from planning for a disaster," quips Caitlin Shockey on the CDC's blog. Shockey jokes that wedding-goers should "build a kit, make a plan and stay informed."

The center's tips include keeping a kit stocked with safety pins and sedatives, asking the reception venue about its evacuation plans, and being supportive of stressed-out bridezillas.

The blog warns: "You never know when you might need to bandage up a clumsy flower girl, revive a passed out reception guest, or even evacuate."

Shockey's post also suggests keeping an eye on the sky on the Big Day. "Just like you know the risks of putting feuding family members in one room, you should also know to check the weather report," the blog reads.

The CDC always stays current with the lastest disaster preparedness plans. Last year, they debuted a Zombie Apocalypse plan to help prevent citizens from losing their minds (literally) during an invasion of the undead.

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