07/10/2012 12:28 pm ET

Ellie Schrock, 6, Dedicates Birthday To Raising Thousands For Clean Water In Africa

Ellie Schrock is one little girl with a huge heart.

The 6-year-old girl from Waterford, Mich., has been committed to bringing clean water to Africa ever since she was three years old. Ellie has made it her life's mission to raise money for Drop in the Bucket -- a nonprofit that builds wells in schools in East Africa for those who lack adequate access to water.

"We are truly fortunate to have someone like Ellie championing our cause, she is a remarkable six-year-old," explains John Travis, the Co-Founder and President of Drop in the Bucket. "Her commitment is going to positively impact thousands of lives."

Ellie was obsessed with Africa from an early age. While surfing the web with her mother, Melissa Schrock, Ellie stumbled upon Drop in the Bucket's website -- and in that moment, Ellie's mission was clear: "I wanted to help the African kids," she said, according to a press release.

She immediately approached her first-grade teacher, Jennifer Knipper, with her intention to raise the money necessary to build a well for a school in Africa.

"Right then and there it brought tears to my eyes," Knipper explains. "I always wanted to do something to help and it took a six-year-old to get me involved."

Ellie advocated at her school and sold bracelets that read "H20=LIFE" in order to raise money for the cause. Additionally, Ellie received help both from her parents, who threw a "Wine into Water" party that raised more than $1,000.

Ellie's inspirational hard work paid off in May when she raised the $5,500 necessary to build a well, according to her website, Travis explained that they could expect the well's completion within the following 3-8 months.

And Ellie isn't the only young philanthropist who is making a difference in society.

Rachel Wheeler, a 12-year-old native of Lighthouse Point, Fla., was able to help build Rachel's Village -- a school and community in Leogane, Haiti -- after raising an incredible $320,000 with the nonprofit Food for the Poor. She was also able to assist in the rebuilding of the Reap de Morel school which was demolished during the earthquake in February of 2010.

Rachel Beckwith, a 9-year-old girl from Bellevue, Wash., didn't live to see the astounding impact that she made on over 50,000 lives when she died of injuries she sustained in a car crash. Her efforts touched thousands of strangers, who ensured that her campaign for charity: water would raise upwards of $1 million to provide people in developing countries with access to safe drinking water.