07/10/2012 10:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

McDonald's Drive-Thru Rap: Bilal Drops His Order Like A Boss (VIDEO)

We'd like to think that if we were the crew of McDonald's employees manning the drive-thru window when Australian rapper Bilal dropped his order on us via rhyme, we would have at least given him a round of applause. (Quick warning: NSFWish lyrics.)

Those boys were hungry! A quarter pounder (no pickles), a Big Mac (sauce on the side), Sprite, extra fries, mayonnaise on the side (this must be an Australian McDonald's thing), a Filet-O-Fish, a McChicken and two apples pies? The amused response of all of the employees by the end really gave us a chuckle.

We are pretty impressed by Bilal's freestyling game, his right-hand drive car and -- most importantly -- his internet savvy. After this, his first in-the-field freestyle video, went viral, his Facebook page has already begun promising to launch more crazy hip hop on unsuspecting citizens of the world for our entertainment.

Although we like his best so far, Bilal is not the first fast-talking internet star to surprise drive-thru employees with his lyrical ordering style. The kids in the video below inspired scores of copycats, even leading to one arrest for disorderly conduct in Utah. The charges were overturned in court, allowing hip-hop fast-food-ordering to live on for another generation.