07/10/2012 02:25 pm ET

Olivia Munn On 'The Newsroom' Criticism, Defends Aaron Sorkin And Female Characters

Olivia Munn thinks "The Newsroom" (Sundays at 1- p.m. ET on HBO) deserves a break.

A great deal of criticism has been thrown Aaron Sorkin's way since the premiere of his new HBO series, especially in regards to his portrayal of women.

While HuffPost's Maureen Ryan has said too many scenes "involve men setting women straight, men supervising women, a man teaching a woman how to use email," Munn -- who plays Sloan Sabbith on "The Newsroom" -- assures Sorkin is only building on the personalities of the actresses.

"If you get bothered by the freak-outs, I can tell you that if you know these women, they come from a place of truth," Munn said in an interview with Vulture. "Alison [Pill] is one of the most genuine, excited, genuinely excited people you will ever meet. In the middle of a live set, she’ll be screaming about hockey. She’s Canadian and she’s like, 'Go Canada!' And then you have Emily [Mortimer], who’s got two small children and has this crazy great energy. She never seems tired, she lifts you up."

What about the overall criticism of "The Newsroom" and its portrayal of journalism? Munn said: "Sorkin loves journalists, loves the media, loves the news," she told Vulture. "I don’t believe the show is his soapbox for him to lecture the media on how to be better. On the contrary, I believe his show is an opportunity to help the audience fall in love with the news again. I felt bad for Aaron."

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"The Newsroom" airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.