07/10/2012 11:37 am ET Updated Jul 10, 2012

Olivia Munn Topless Scene In 'Magic Mike': 'It Didn't Feel Gratuitous'

"Magic Mike" is all about male strippers, but that doesn't mean audiences didn't get their fill of female nudity.

Filmgoers knew they'd get an eyeful of the movie's leading man, Channing Tatum, but the film also features a very topless Olivia Munn -- though she says the scene was no big deal.

In an interview with Vulture, Munn says she "forgot" about her topless scene until she saw it at the premiere.

"The way it was shot didn’t feel gratuitous — I think that’s what every actress says, right? There are very few directors I would ever do it for. Also, my character was getting out of the shower and to keep it as realistic as possible I didn’t wear a shirt in the shower," she explained.

Munn isn't making a fuss about showing skin in the film now, but on set it was a different story. "The day of the shoot, I locked it down. I only wanted the people who absolutely had to be there. I even cleared out video village, which you’d normally forget about," she told Vulture.

Of course, "Magic Mike" is really more about the film's male stars who take it all off, and according to Munn they weren't quite as shy about showing their stuff as she was.

"When they’d yell 'Cut' I’d get my robe. The guys? They’d still be all asses shaking, walking around. They didn’t put their robes on ever," she said.

Not that Munn didn't enjoy seeing her co-stars in the buff; as she told "Access Hollywood" she "took advantage of [all of the] naked guys flopping around."

“I came to set when I wasn’t even on the sheet that day to come in,” Olivia said. “I’d come in specifically — I’d go out of my way and cancel all other stuff just to go in and watch them dance and then I would rate them," she said.

But there's a reason why her male co-stars may not have wanted to cover up -- at times the costumes were more embarrassing than being in the buff.

"Girls can just do it, just walking," Tatum said to the Los Angeles Times about being sexy and alluring. "Guys, it's not the same thing. Especially when you put them in a thong. Everything you're trying to do to be sexy makes you look like a clown. I challenge any guy to go and try to be sexy to his girl. ... It's a very humbling experience."

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