07/16/2012 08:01 am ET Updated Jul 16, 2012

10 Secrets Your Pets Won't Tell You About Their Health

By Dr. Patty Khuly for Vetstreet

Our pets may be nonverbal, but that doesn't mean that they don't know how to tell us when they're not feeling so hot.

Nonetheless, some can be super-secretive, hiding everything from how they feel physically to what their emotional landscape looks like.

As a veterinarian, I'm constantly interpreting subtle signs of distress and translating very specific cues into real health-care decisions.

You, too, can learn to read certain signs of potential problems, and then take your pet to the vet. All you need is a little insight -- and plenty of practice.

With that goal in mind, here's my list of the top 10 ways our pets keep secrets that we'd rather they didn't.

Health Secrets Your Pets Won't Tell You

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