07/11/2012 11:46 am ET Updated 5 days ago

Coldplay Comic Book: Band Launching 'Mylo Xyloto' Series (PHOTO)

Coldplay is launching its first-ever comic book at San Diego Comic-Con. The six-part Mylo Xyloto series is written by Oscar-nominated writer and director Mark Osborne ("Kung Fu Panda") and focuses on the character of the same name.

That character is the concept that drives the band's latest album (which is also named Mylo Xyloto). In a statement on their website, Coldplay had this to say about the project:

3 years ago we had an idea with our friend mark osborne about a character called mylo xyloto ("xylo" as in xylophone, "to" as in toe). gradually mylo's story and universe came together and this ended up providing the backdrop for the album and tour. now we're proud to announce that early next year the story's going to come out as a 6-part comic. and to kick things off mark's going to be holding a panel at comic con in san diego this week. so if you're there you can ask him 'who's major minus?' and 'what the hell's the hypnofeed all about?' we hope you like it. it was fun making it.

Osborne said he "cold-called Coldplay" after seeing the band describe their creative process on "60 Minutes." He had been looking for a project that would be "a new kind of 'Yellow Submarine,'" and they eventually teamed up for an animated feature film, album and comic. (The movie is still in development.)

On Friday, the team behind the comic will explain their project in a panel at Comic-Con. The series will be published monthly, beginning in February 2013. See some of the art below.

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mylo xyloto comic