07/11/2012 10:05 pm ET

'Damages' Finale: Glenn Close Promises 'Great Ending'

After watching the Season 5 premiere of "Damages" (Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on DirecTV Audience Network) viewers were left wondering: Is Ellen Parsons dead?

"You have to watch the season," Dan Zelman, one of the creators of "Damages," told HuffPost TV on the red carpet for the show's Season 5 premiere in late June 2012.

She sure looked dead, but series star Rose Byrne was vague about her character's fate as well. Byrne said she was a bit shocked to learn the fate of Ellen Parsons, a character she's played for five seasons.

"I mean, it was very perfectly 'Damages.' I was like, 'Of course. What does this mean? What's going on?' But I loved it," she told HuffPost TV at the premiere. "They're going big. They're going bold ... I wasn't sure what was going on. They told me what they thought was going to happen, but I was like, 'I don't really believe you yet,' because they always change everything."

With "Damages" ending this season, Byrne said she'll miss playing the character. "I just had such an intimacy with my character and I loved discovering her more and more each season," she said. "Discovering her power and confidence -- there was so much damage done to her as well -- so I guess it was discovering the 'Damages' of her. Sounds very cheesy, but it really got richer and richer every time. I loved it. I'm really going to miss her and the show."

"Damages" has followed Ellen Parsons and Patty Hewes, played by Glenn Close, for the last five seasons as they went from a mentor-like relationship to enemies, friends and now back to enemies. The last season will see the two characters square off in court, something the creators had always envisioned.

"The ending of the series itself, we always thought Patty and Ellen would go head-to-head against each other in a case as the final piece of Ellen's evolution as a lawyer and as a person," "Damages" co-creator Todd Kessler said. "The seeds of that were planted very early on as we began discussing what eventually became 'Damages.' In terms of where the Patty/Ellen relationship actually goes, it's really a testament to Rose Byrne and Glenn Close. They continued to surprise us. Even the final image of the series is inspired by Glenn and by Rose."

When any show ends for good, stars usually take a piece of their characters home with them.

"I think it was a particular pen -- very dull -- but I think it was some sort of fancy pen," Byrne said with a laugh. "Maybe like a family photo. Maybe some bourbon glasses as well ... think I might have got one of those. There's a box of things I've got at home that I haven't unpacked yet. It might be in that."

Close said production wrapped so late that she didn't grab anything, but had her eye on the items from Patty's office desk, which is in Zelman's office. Glenn Kessler has a Hewes and Associates sign and Todd Kessler said he took cactuses.

"I took some cactuses from Patty Hewes' office as a reminder to just how thorny Patty can be," he said.

Close, who won two Emmys for her portrayal of Patty Hewes, said the ending to the show was not what she had imagined.

"In fact, there's one incredible twist that I think is masterful," she said. "But I have to say, I have seen the last episode and I am very happy."

"Damages" has a very passionate fanbase, especially about the relationship between Patty and Ellen. Will they be satisfied by the ending?

"I think they might be," Close said. "I mean, any ending in this day and age is controversial. There are certain aspects of it that I might have a few points about, but ultimately speaking, I think it's a great ending."

Glenn Kessler said fans can expect resolution. "I think there may be some heartbreak. There certainly will be resolution," he said. "Hopefully fans of the show will be excited by the elements that we bring back from the first season and kind of expand and give them more about the origin story between Patty and Ellen and hopefully we answer questions they may have had about why Ellen has maintained this relationship with Patty.

"We hope it's an exciting and satisfying conclusion."

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