07/12/2012 12:12 pm ET

Frozen Yogurt Appreciation Through Tweets And Photos

"The older I get, the more often I find that frozen yogurt and or ice cream fixes most things," tweeted Whitney Myer on July 1st. Here at HuffPost Women, we're inclined to agree. And now that it's summer, fro-yo seems to be everywhere.

From Pinkberry and Red Mango to 16 Handles, Yogurtland, TCBY, and your local favorite, fro-yo has officially swept the nation -- and it doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Honestly, it's hard to log onto Twitter, Facebook or Instagram without some mention of the sweet stuff (which probably just intensifies our collective cravings).

Of course there are drawbacks to fro-yo addiction. It's hard to imagine a more stereotypically girly food. It's healthfulness is up for debate -- remember that episode of "Seinfeld"?

And yet, when it comes to fro yo, there are several very compelling reasons to see your hot pink or neon green paper cup as half full:

1. Consider the alternative. So the aspartame and fake everything may kill you. Friends, there are worse ways to die.

2. Two words: Free. Samples. Only amateurs taste the flavors they're considering actually purchasing. Samples are for getting a bit of the ones you know you won't buy (you know, just so you know what's out there) as an amuse bouche before the main event.

3. There are no wrong decisions. All we've got these days is choices. Am I right? And with every choice comes the dreaded FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. The beautiful thing about your favorite frozen yogurt joint is that it's a FOMO-free zone. From flavors to fruit toppings to candy and sprinkles, there's an endless number of options, but you can get 4 or 5 flavors and toppings at a time. Then you can go back the next day and do the whole thing differently. No missing out, and it never gets old.

4. It's the perfect way to cool down. Could there be a more ideal summer food?

5. Ben & Jerry's has jumped on the bandwagon. Even the ice cream gods approve.

Still not convinced? The slideshow below is a better defense of the universe's most perfect frozen treat than we could ever mount. Flip through, drool, then tweet @HuffPostWomen either a picture of your latest fro yo creation or a 140 character defense of your own.

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