07/11/2012 09:37 am ET Updated Jul 11, 2012

Ina Garrett, Tennessee Woman, Allegedly Hit Pastor With Bible At Church

One angry church member took out her feelings by allegedly hitting the church pastor on the head with a Bible.

"He's got the demon in him," Ina Garrett, 63, told WMC-TV about Pastor Leon Taylor, after saying she struck the church leader.

Now, the Tennessee woman is facing an assault charge following the May incident, which left the Mount Zion Baptist Church pastor with welts on his head.

According to a formal complaint obtained by the Smoking Gun, the incident occurred after Taylor told Garrett she was no longer welcome in the church. Garrett then threw the Bible at Taylor's face. The pastor took a swing at the woman but did not make contact, the report states. Authorities witnessed the alleged assault.

Taylor told WMC-TV there was no excuse for Garrett's actions.

"Evil is evil, you understand what I'm saying? And bullying is just bullying," he told the station.

The church brawl might raise a few eyebrows, but it's not the first time an argument has broken out in a sacred place.

Last year, monks fought at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem by shouting and throwing brooms. Police eventually broke up the argument.