07/11/2012 08:48 am ET

Lindsay Lohan, 'Scary Movie 5': Actress Reportedly In Talks To Star In Horror Spoof

They say three is a trend, and Lindsay Lohan may have just notched her third major acting role. The embattled actress looks to put court appearances and stumbling out of nightclubs behind her with a turn in "Scary Movie 5," a film The Wrap reports she is in talks to join.

Though E! reports that no offer has been made, the move would be a good sign for the starlet's career.

Seeing as she finished production on "Liz & Dick," Lifetime's Elizabeth Taylor biopic and is already signed up for "The Canyons" (a Bret Easton Ellis film in which she'll play across porn star James Deen), America may be witnessing a comeback. Lohan also appeared in Richard Prince's short art film, "First Point."

It's a welcome development for many who believed in her acting potential. From "The Parent Trap" to "Mean Girls," Lohan was once a talented rising star. Years of tabloid attention and poor decisions completely demolished her career, so it's nice to see her picking up the pieces. Of course, she still has to prove herself, and events like passing out from exhaustion while filming "Liz & Dick" are sure to give future filmmakers pause.

Obviously "Scary Movie 5" won't be earning her any Oscar nods, but it's nice to see her (potentially) earning her keep. If Lohan locks down the part, she'll star alongside Ashley Tisdale. The film is slated for an April 2013 release.