07/11/2012 11:38 am ET

Obama's '99 Problems But Mitt Ain't One' Spoof By Iman Crosson (VIDEO)

Iman Crosson, also known as Alphacat on YouTube, does one of our favorite Barack Obama impersonations, and he's finally back with a spoof on Jay-Z's "99 Problems." Crosson's version, which seems so inevitable we were shocked it didn't already exist, makes one, overwhelming point: the president has "99 Problems, But Mitt Ain't One."

In the video, Obama takes on his detractors, the media and the presumptive Republican nominee while spitting out rhymes and looking pretty tough in the process. Between Crosson's impressions, Key & Peele's "anger translator" and BaracksDubs mashups, the viral video world may be having more of an impact on the president's favorability than we know.

Check out the video above and then see more of our favorite Obama impressions below.