07/11/2012 03:44 pm ET

'SQIRLS': A Hilarious 'Girls' Parody With Squirrels (VIDEO)

"When you get hungry enough you're gonna figure it out."

"Physically hungry or like hungry for the job?"

This piece of dialogue, from HBO show "Girls," was funny enough. But, juxtaposed with squirrels? Hilarious.

Amelia Hancock and her filmmaker pal Sarah released a parody of the HBO series made out of the show's audio and a mash-up of YouTube videos.

Amelia introduces the video on Vimeo:

"Sarah and I are so tickled to be working together, we've celebrated with a nature video. If you like HBO's GIRLS, you'll love SQIRLS."

And what does 'SQIRLS' reveal about 'Girls?' Well, the characters on "Girls" spend a lot of time eating (and talking about eating). And Alex Karpovsky, who plays Ray Ploshanky, has a voice that is remarkably suited for a squirrel adaptation (perhaps he could start looking into some voice-over work?).

Also, there are so many great videos of squirrels on YouTube. Which, accordingly, means there are a lot of people who like recording squirrels: