07/11/2012 06:29 pm ET

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Divorce: Victoria Beckham Supported Holmes During Split?

Who did Katie Holmes turn to for advice before filing to divorce Tom Cruise?

None other than Victoria Beckham, if you believe British tabloid Now.

"Victoria's been a real tower of strength," an unnamed source told the magazine. "She and Victoria have been talking a lot."

Though the report seems like a stretch, Cruise and Holmes were first in line to welcome the Beckhams to Los Angeles when David joined the Los Angeles Galaxy back in 2007, throwing a star-studded party in the Brits' honor. Still, the friendship has seemingly cooled off since then.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly is reporting that Holmes has sought out support from another famous source, and someone familiar with the ins and outs of divorcing Cruise -- Nicole Kidman.

The jury is still out on whether either of these reports are true, but Holmes certainly wouldn't be the first celeb to lean on a famous friend during divorce. Click through the trivia slideshow below to test your knowledge of famous, divorce-withstanding friendships -- from the real-life "Friends" who have taken on breakups together, to the long-time friend who stood beside Kidman on the red carpet when she divorced Tom.

TRIVIA: Supportive Celeb Friends During Divorce