07/11/2012 04:51 pm ET Updated 5 days ago

Woman Catches Shark: Dramatic Fishing Trip Footage Of The Big One That Got Away (VIDEO)

The woman in this video had a big one on the line, but she didn't know how big until she tried to reel it in.

As she works to pull in a pretty good-looking fish, a shark comes up from the deep and chomps down on her catch. Whether the shark is hooked or not is debatable, but it definitely didn't stay hooked for long.

Like any good fishing story, it'd be hard to believe if you weren't there. But someone was lucky enough to get it on video. It was posted to YouTube on July 10 by user Sarah Brame.

Since it appears the group was fishing in a river or estuary, it's possible the shark in question was a bull shark, a near-threatened species and one of the few sharks that can thrive in freshwater. Bull sharks can swim far up river systems, and have attacked people swimming in canals.

No danger here, though. Just a good scare. If by some chance you're not entertained by the shark, the excited hoopla that the group makes certainly will. Just be warned, there's some explicit interjections in the video.

WARNING: Video Contains Adult Language

(via Reddit)