07/12/2012 11:14 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Bryan Fischer Claims Gays Motivated By 'Heterophobic,' 'Christophobic,' 'Dark, Venomous, Demonic Hatred'

The American Family Assocation's (AFA) Bryan Fischer, one of the world's most prolific anti-gay pundits, is back again with new outrageous claims about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

As RightWingWatch.org is reporting, during his radio show on Tuesday, Fischer launched into a heated tirade about the "debate" over homosexuality and how filled with "hatred" and "vitriol" is it.

And where is that hatred and vitriol coming from? Fischer believes it's from "homosexuals themselves."

He stated:

"The real haters are homosexuals. The real venom is coming from those that support the homosexual agenda, either homosexual activists, homosexuals, or those that support the homosexual agenda. They are the real haters. There is a heterophobic hatred, there is a Christophobic hatred that is just seething, there's a dark, venomous, demonic hatred that is in the homosexual community."

In recent months Fischer has also claimed that gay adoption is a form of child abuse and compared gay people to cannibals.

Fischer is the Director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy at the AFA and hosts his own radio show. The AFA describes itself as "one of the largest and most effective pro-family organizations in the country" whose mission is to "inform, equip, and activate individuals to strengthen the moral foundations of American culture."

The AFA is also the parent organization of the controversial group One Million Moms, which has staged high-profile boycotts against companies and products like JC Penney, Urban Outfitters and Oreo for supporting LGBT causes.

Fischer isn't the only one making ridiculous statements about the LGBT community. In the slideshow below, view other unbelievable anti-gay comments:



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