07/12/2012 03:09 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2012

Bubble Hotel Opens In Estonia's Matsalu National Park (VIDEO)

An inflatable bubble hotel that first inflated in the outskirts of Paris has wandered north to the banks of the Baltic Sea in Estonia's Matsalu National Park.

The hotel, built by French architect Pierre-Stephane Dumas, has neither toilets nor other amenities likely found in hotels, according to Sky News. No matter, the owner, Ermil Miggur, says, "That's the concept, to bring a person into the middle of the untouched nature. It is actually a reserve. Even though it's private land, it is the reserve of Matsalu and a person can come here and be all by himself, with his thoughts or with someone special."

The price for open-air sleeping? 99 Euros a night.

Check it out in the BBC report above.

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