07/12/2012 09:01 am ET

Greg Gutfeld Freaks Out On Bob Beckel Over Allen West Apology (VIDEO)

"The Five" host Greg Gutfeld lost it on Wednesday after his colleague Bob Beckel refused to apologize for statements he made about Rep. Allen West.

On Tuesday's show, Beckel called West "a blowhard" after the Republican representative called Social Security "modern 21st-century slavery." Beckel described West's comment as "one of the most obscene comments — even for [West]."

Beckel was preparing to apologize to West for calling him "a blowhard" on Wednesday, but stopped himself after he watched another clip of West.

"Yesterday I took on the Colonel, and I might have used a different choice of words...and secondly that when I said that he was a blowhard, I know where that comes from, because I am too," Beckel said. "But this comment that he just made happened after I decided to say nice things about him, I don't know what he ever did...but don't try to call me a racist."

Beckel's decision to withhold his apology seemed to irk his fellow co-host. Gutfeld cut Beckel off and yelled, "Shut up, Bob! Shut up! You were supposed to apologize! Can't you just apologize to the guy!" Beckel refused.

"The road of failure is paved by white, liberal guilt, and that is all he's saying!" Gutfeld pressed. "He is actually challenging the orthodoxy that scares you so much."

It's been one year since "The Five" took over Glenn Beck's 5:00 p.m. slot on the network.