07/12/2012 09:16 am ET

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks CNN Over Gallup Poll, Health Care Ruling Mistake (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel clued viewers in on CNN's new strategy after the network misreported the Supreme Court's landmark health care ruling.

On Wednesday, the late night host reflected on a new Gallup poll that shows Americans' confidence in television news is at an all-time low. Just 21% of Americans have a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in TV news, according to the survey.

Kimmel feigned befuddlement at the result. "I don't get it — which TMZ reporter don't they have confidence in?" he joked.

He turned to CNN after noting that the confidence level could fall even further after the network's botched reporting of the Supreme Court's decision on the individual mandate (Fox News also misreported the news, and The Huffington Post initially tweeted the wrong decision).

"But not only isn't CNN backing down after that embarrassing slip, it seems to be they're doubling down on this," Kimmel remarked. He proceeded to play a reel of fake CNN stories, like an attack of robot centipedes on New York ("Or that might just be a cloud") and the merger of Google and Facebook to create "Goo-Face."

"Sure, other networks are also wrong," the narrator said, "But only CNN is wrong first."



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