07/12/2012 09:22 am ET

Joshua Jackson Talks 'Fringe' Season 5, Joel Wyman

Joshua Jackson has more than a little insight into how Season 5 of "Fringe" will go down.

In honor of Comic-Con -- where Jackson famously revived his "Dawson's Creek" character Pacey Witter in "Pacey-Con" in 2010 -- the "Fringe" actor told THR that he knows exactly how the supernatural series will end.

"This year, Joel Wyman, who is our executive producer, has been kind of shockingly forthcoming, because our show is usually pretty impenetrable," Jackson said. "But this is the last year, and I guess it's a new leaf. He was like, 'I want everybody engaged. I want everybody to know exactly what they're doing.'"

"Fringe," which premiered on Fox in 2008, stars Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble and centers on the FBI's "Fringe Division," which investigates events surrounding a parrellel universe. While fans would love a few details from the all-knowing Jackson, he's staying relatively tight-lipped.

"It's big, but there's no good way to end a show and not piss somebody off," he told THR. "That being said, it's a big, massive sci-fi set piece at the end but with a really important finale-esque emotional center to it. I sound like a producer now, but it is true."

The fifth and final season of "Fringe" begins on September 28
, and Jackson will have to say goodbye to the show. "The whole thing is a lot of fun, very inventive," he told The Guardian of "Fringe" in June.

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