07/13/2012 02:46 pm ET

Cathy Tyree, Virginia Woman, Discovers Lost Family Photos At Antique Shop (VIDEO)

Cathy Tyree was on the hunt for an old couch when she stumbled across something incredible at an antique shop in Richmond, Va.

Tyree had been in the store for only 15 minutes when she discovered a lost picture of her deceased father among the glassware, furniture and old books.

"I was almost speechless" Tyree told CBS 6.

In a framed photo from the late 1950's was Tyree's father, Louis Tyree, a veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

"He was larger than life. He enjoyed his family. He enjoyed a good time," Tyree says of her father who passed away in 1976. "The last thing you expect to find is a picture of someone who has been gone so long."

Tyree spent $8 on the priceless treasure.

Her search to recover lost family heirlooms, however, did not end there.

When Tyree lost her home in a foreclosure a few years ago, her father's trunk -- filled with family photos -- was auctioned off. Now she scours antique stores in Richmond, hoping to find more photos of her family.

"What can you find? Apparently anything." Tyree said.

Tyree is not alone -- there have been similar instances of precious items recovered in interesting places.

Last month, Deb Thompson found a diamond ring inside a pair of capri pants purchased at a Goodwill store in Coon Rapids, Minn.

And this week, photographs of one of the final times that the Queen Elizabeth II, spent with her father, King George VI, were discovered at a charity shop in Somerset. The informal photos show the royal family's family summer at Balmoral before the death of the king.