07/13/2012 02:57 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2012

Chicago's Best French Fries: On National French Fry Day, Load Up On Comforting Calories (PHOTOS)

Did you know Friday is National French Fry Day? No? You're probably not alone.

Though it is not difficult to locate a Chicagoan in the dark on this somewhat obscure holiday dedicated to the crispy, deep-fried strips of potato, we'd venture to guess that we'd have a trickier time finding someone who -- with a straight face -- can tell us they're never tempted to choose fries over a side salad or fruit while dining out.

Face up to it, Chicago: We're addicted. And that's perfectly OK -- in moderation, of course.

Last year, HuffPost Chicago contributor Lauren Drell rounded up some of the city's finest french friers, ranging from those serving up the dish in its classic form to those who have treated the fried potato as a canvas for something even ambitious. If you're inspired to try your hand at a homemade variety, we also have you covered.

Did we miss your favorite local fry? Let us know in the comments.



Chicago's Best French Fries