07/13/2012 12:25 pm ET

Connor Boss, Legally Blind Teen, To Compete In Miss Florida Pageant (VIDEO)

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Despite being legally blind, Florida teen Connor Boss has served as class president, competed in track meets, and, on July 14, the Royal Palm Beach resident will step on stage to vie for the title of Miss Florida.

The 18-year-old, who is the current Miss Delray Beach, has 20/400 and 20/600 vision, which makes everything appear blurry, WPTV reports.

“I walk into the men's bathroom all the time. All the time,” Boss told the Sun Sentinel. “Usually, by the time I figure it out, it's ‘Whoops! Sorry!' People think I'm crazy.”

Boss was diagnosed with Stargardt Disease when she was 8 years old, NBC 6 Miami reports. The condition, which leads to progressive vision loss, has forced Boss to make some adjustments when it comes to her schoolwork. But the teen has said she doesn't want pity come Saturday's competition.

It's a good thing, too, because according to the pageant director, she won't be getting any.

Mary Lou Gravitt told ABC News that overcoming obstacles is "part of pageantry," so there won't be any special treatment.

However, Boss will be given some extra time during rehearsal so that she can count her steps on stage, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Still, Boss says she never makes excuses.

"I don’t like to use my vision as a crutch. It’s just something I jump over," she told NBC 6 Miami.

Though the teen doesn't like to mention her impairment, her mom said she hopes her daughter's story inspires others.

"You hear about people who have disabilities who choose to stay home, but if they find one person who puts herself out there, they might do the same,"Traci Boss told ABC News.

The Miss Florida finals will be held at Bailey Concert Hall on July 14. According to the competition's official website, the pageant will feature an evening gown category, a swimsuit category and an interview. The winner will move forward to represent Florida in the Miss USA pageant.