07/13/2012 01:56 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2012

'Ice Age Continental Drift': John Leguizamo Battles J.Lo On The Big Screen (EXCLUSIVE)

In the new animated movie "Ice Age: Continental Drift," (which hits theaters nationwide today), John Leguizamo plays Sid, a sloth who battles pirates. One of those pirates, the evil Shira, is voiced by fellow Puerto Rican Jennifer Lopez and John says Shira means serious business. "I battle all of the pirates in the movie, but I don't do well," Leguizamo tells The Huffington Post.

"We don't beat J.Lo," he adds with a laugh. "We get beat by J.Lo. She's a badass pirate," he adds.

Read our interview with Leguizamo to find out what he had to say about his latest animated movie and why he thinks it's the perfect movie to see with your family:

Tell us about your character in "Ice Age: Continental Drift."
I play the Sloth and he's a comic relief character. Wanda Sykes plays my grandma and she is really funny in the movie. Joy Behart plays my mom, so it's the most dysfunctional animated family ever!

Other than J.Lo, what other pirates do you battle in the film?
Manny (played by Ray Romano) and my character Sid get kidnapped by pirates and we have to try to free ourselves to get back to the island. We battle J.Lo and Peter Drinklage and Nicki Minaj {Laughs}. It's madness!

Does your character beat up J.Lo's character?
We don't beat J.Lo {Laughs}. We get beat by J.Lo! She's a badass pirate.

This is your fourth animated movie. What do you love about voicing animated characters?
Mel Blanc, who did the voice of Bugs Bunny, is one of my heroes. When I did animated voices, I wanted to make a voice like Mel Blanc. I also love the message of the movie, which is that family is the most important thing and that it doesn't matter if it's your biological family, if we all pull together, no matter what species we are, we can save the planet. I think that the message of the movie is what makes it the big hit that it is.

Do you think your kids will like the movie?
Oh yeah, my kids already saw it. They loved it!

Who's their favorite character?
Oh, well, you's me! And I guess their second favorite character were the pirates...

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