07/13/2012 10:28 am ET

Marion Cotillard 'Dark Knight Rises' Character Revealed, And 18 Other Batman Photos

With so many "Dark Knight Rises" trailers, teasers and posters out there, it's kind of miraculous that Christopher Nolan's film has remained somewhat unspoiled. (That is, unless David Letterman was telling the truth; DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK, Batman fans!)

One remaining mystery is what role Marion Cotillard plays in the Batman finale. The actress is starring as Miranda Tate, a character whom the actress recently described as "a good guy" in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Precious little footage of Miranda Tate has been revealed in the "Dark Knight Rises" trailers -- though she was shown cozying up to Bruce Wayne in one spot; Tate apparently works with Wayne Enterprises -- but now Warner Bros. has released a brand new still of Batman's latest mystery woman. Surprise: She looks a lot like Marion Cotillard.

Of course, whether Miranda Tate is simply "Miranda Tate" is unclear. When Cotillard was cast in "The Dark Knight Rises," many fans have speculated that the French-born actress was playing Talia Al Ghul, the vengeful daughter of Ra's Al Ghul (Liam Neeson), who Batman/Wayne killed in "Batman Begins."

The plot, in this case, remains very thick.

Check out Cotillard's Tate in the photo above and that pic plus many more new "Dark Knight Rises" stills in the gallery below. "The Dark Knight Rises" is out on July 20.