07/13/2012 12:36 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2012

Alexandria Irish Bar Named Nation's Most Pet-Friendly Restaurant

Arin Greenwood

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Looking for a restaurant you and your dog can both enjoy? Petside.com has named Pat Troy's Ireland's Own, in Alexandria's Old Town, the country's most pet-friendly restaurant.

Here's how the website described the bar-cum-restaurant, which is up for sale:

While Pat Troy’s may not be a five-star dining experience, it certainly is something that should be experienced. Its old-school, small-time atmosphere welcomes all looking for a spot to quench their thirst or enjoy a decent meal. The real draw of Pat Troy’s, though, is the accommodations they make for dogs on their outdoor patio.

Outside, dogs are not only welcome to sit with owners; they are welcomed to dine with them, as well. With their doggie menu, this restaurant/bar offers dogs the opportunity to eat alongside their pet parents (if certain hygienic rules are followed, of course).

This offering, which improves both the experience for dog and owner, is what edges Pat Troy’s to the top of Petside’s Top 10 Pet Friendly Restaurants of 2012. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, we highly encourage you to wind up at Pat Troy’s!

HuffPost has enjoyed some dog birthday parties at Pat Troy's and we can say from experience that the doggie menu well satisfies a canine palate. And the fish and chips aren't bad for the humans.