07/13/2012 12:13 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2012

After Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Split, False Rumors Surface That Suri Cruise May Get A Name Change

This story has been updated to reflect new reports

After splitting from her Scientology-crazed husband Tom Cruise on June 29 in a story more fitting of a Tom Clancy novel than the tabloids, Katie Holmes has been busy.

She's swapped churches, hit the town in hot leather pants, and still had time left over to be a good mom -- taking her daughter Suri to the zoo.

All this hustle and bustle made us wonder if Katie ever had enough time for this latest rumor to be true. Indeed, an article in Gossip Cop has thoroughly debunked the rumor that she considered changing Suri's name, as reported by Now Daily, a British tabloid. The celeb paper had even quoted an "anonymous source" saying, "She's been telling friends she wants to make Suri's middle name Cruise and change her surname to Holmes."

But Gossip Cop states any name-change rumors are completely false. "Period."

On the subject of names, Crushable believes Holmes has taken to calling Suri by the nickname "Scout," in homage to the literary classic "To Kill A Mockingbird".

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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

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