07/13/2012 05:27 pm ET

Train To Officiate Weddings: Pop Band To Seal The Deal For Fans

Until now, you couldn't get much bigger than the train on Princess Diana's wedding dress.

How about having your wedding officiated by the pop band Train? Now that's big.

The band's drummer, Scott Underwood, was ordained online by the Universal Life Church -- the same church that ordained Conan O'Brien -- so that he could officiate weddings and vow renewals on stage during the band's California 37 tour.

Train is asking fans to record and submit short videos detailing how they met and their connection to the band. The winners will be married on stage at a Train concert and their families will receive concert tickets so they can attend the weddings. Each ceremony will be followed by a performance of the song "Marry Me."

Underwood is just one of many celebrities who have officiated weddings. Click through the slideshow below to see other famous officiants.

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