07/14/2012 12:24 pm ET Updated Sep 13, 2012

Dana Carvey Jabs Romney On 'Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

Comedian Dana Carvey stopped by "The Tonight Show" Friday and talked prescription drugs and colonoscopies with Jay Leno. But when the subject turned to politics, he had some choice words on Mitt Romney.

Carvey said he thought the GOP presidential hopeful seemed like a "sincere" guy, but that he's probably too "jumpy" to be a real contender against Obama this fall.

He emphasized his point by doing an impression of Romney giving a speech: "I uh, like to set people on fire. What? I mean, I like to fire people that don't provide me services. I hate poor people and I want to kill them! What? I mean, I hate that they're poor and it'll kill them!"

The joke evoked a certain Kanye West, "George Bush doesn't care about Black people" vibe, but the interview remained lighthearted and quickly moved on to other politicians and impressions.

And while Carvey was kidding with his comments, he's not the first former "Saturday Night Live" cast member to tread the line of the controversial.

Watch the full clip above.