07/14/2012 07:24 pm ET Updated Jul 16, 2012

Man Escapes Injuries After Cars Crash At Gas Station In Russia (VIDEO)

Talk about lucky.

One man narrowly escaped disaster when several cars crashed around him at a gas station in Orenburg, Russia.

Footage of the bystander's incredibly fortunate getaway was captured on camera and was posted to YouTube by user ClaudioPaskuale. The video shows the moments leading up to the crash, as well as the man's horrified reaction when he realizes what's about to happen.

The two primary vehicles in the video were a Kamaz truck and a bus, which had 30 passengers on board, Russia Today reports. Both automobiles hit at least three other cars, but luckily, no one sustained severe injuries.

YouTube user ClaudioPaskuale called the video's star the "luckiest dude in Russia."

While the bystander was lucky to walk away barely unscathed, Russia Today pointed out the situation could've had catastrophic consequences for others.

"Though a stand covering the gas pumps was hit, no fuel apparently leaked, and what could have been a massive blast involving dozens of casualties did not happen," the news organization noted.

Much like the fortunate bystander, one man in the United Kingdom was also able to walk away from the scene of an accident seemingly unharmed, though likely a bit shaken.

The passenger was thrown out of the car's sunroof after his girlfriend lost control of the vehicle, the Telegraph reports.

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