07/14/2012 08:22 am ET

Vincent Gabriel Kirouac Spreads Chivalry Across Canada On Horseback, Dressed As Knight

In an age of blogging and tweeting, one man has chosen a different vehicle for getting out his message: a horse. Vincent Gabriel Kirouac of Quebec is in the process of riding across Canada atop a horse -- named "Coeur de Lion," or "Lionheart" -- while dressed as a knight, to promote polite mannaers and chivalry.

“I’m crossing Canada on horseback dressed as a knight, to remind people of the values of long ago, such as devotion,” he told the National Post. “All the values of the knight.”

His journey, which started in the small town Riviere-du-Loup, has so far received a warm welcome. In fact, Kirouac told CBC that he has yet to spend the night outdoors. He says he simply knocks on people's doors and asks them if they have heard about his project. Most have not, but are still willing to invite him in.

Kirouac is 22 years old and engaged -- and he says he's not only dressing as a knight, but acting like one. "I'm trying to be that symbol of something that is incorruptible... and never to fail my duty, which is to be a knight and be good and be an example," he told CBC.

Currently unemployed, having worked for two years to pay for this project, Kirouac called himself a "full-time knight," reported the Ottawa Citizen.

He plans to finish in British Columbia in mid-September, the Winnipeg Free Press reported.