'Bleeding' Virgin Mary Statue in Baton Rouge

A statue of Mother Mary holding a baby Jesus in Baton Rouge is believed by the faithful to be bleeding.

According to WLOX Channel 13 news, local resident Hoa Doan's husband was cutting the grass when he noticed blood on the statue that seems to be coming out of her temple.

"Finally he looked up and saw that kind of like blood," neighbor Kim Pham told WLOX. "It dripped, not dry."

Hoa Doan told WLOX that this is a real message from God. She invited everyone over to see and as Pham told ABC, they ended up praying all night.

"She called everybody," explained Pham. "So everybody come over and we pray all night last night. All night."

Dozens of family members gathered on a local family's lawn to see the Mary statue bleed.

A religious studies professor at Louisiana State University told CNN that the observation can be taken as a belief rather than a fact.

"One way to think about it is to see how this is real to those who devote themselves to Mary and what that means to them as a kind of prayerful way to contemplate the role Mary in their lives or Jesus in their lives and for many people it's empowering and it's a way to return to a devotion."

The statue is located in the 1000 block of Broadmoore Avenue in Baton Rouge.