07/16/2012 03:45 pm ET

Dana Carvey Talks Getting Older On 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

We here at Huff/Post50 think comedian Dana Carvey is pretty funny, and his recent appearance on “The Tonight Show” was no exception.

The star of "Wayne's World" and "Saturday Night Live" had a frank and hilarious discussion about the joys of getting older with Jay Leno. Now that he’s 57, the comedian spends "a lot of time at the pharmacy." Carvey shared his endless bemusement with the various ways his body has started to fail him.

But he's not taking getting older lying down. “I just want to take the power back because life humiliates you,” he says -- especially when the insensitive pharmacist announces you're there to pick up "Zoloft, Immodium and Ambien" or while you're getting a virtual colonoscopy.

We'll let you watch for yourself to hear more about how Dana Carvey reclaims his power while making a number of health care professionals incredibly uncomfortable in the video above.