07/16/2012 01:44 pm ET

Du Chuanwang, Chinese Teen, Sustains Horrific Internal Injuries After Men Put Compressed Air Nozzle Near Anus

Du Chuanwang, a 13-year-old boy from China's Shangdong Province, is on the road to recovery after two adult men placed a compressed air pump near the boy's anus, CNN reports.

According to an earlier report from the network, surgeons cut open the boy's inflated stomach to expel air and discovered his small intestines, liver and kidneys were all damaged. Both suspects were detained by police.

Du has since been transfered to a hospital in Beijing, where his path to recovery will not be an easy one, China Daily reports.

"The infections are on the patient's face, mouth and alimentary tract," Shen Li, co-founder of the Angel Mom, the foundation that organized the boy's transfer, told China Daily. "His heart, lungs, liver and kidneys all have problems at different levels."

While Du was initially in a coma for eight days, he has since been removed from the ICU and is listed as stable, according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency.

Xinhua also reports that, as of last week, more than 400,000 yuan (or $63,492), had been deposited into an account opened by the Angel Mom foundation in order to help the boy and his family.