07/16/2012 03:51 pm ET

Glendale Bear, Sleeping In Tree, Tranquilized & Returned To The Wild -- Again (VIDEO)

He's known as Glen Bearian, Meatball and the Future Mayor of Glendale, and he has over 24,000 followers on Twitter. Oh, and he's also a bear.

A 400-pound black bear, to be exact, and he returned to a residential block Glendale, Calif. yet again on Sunday. He was spotted by terrified neighbors taking a nap in a tree, CBS reports.

Nearby residents were evacuated, and Glendale police and California Department of Fish and Game personnel shot bean bag rounds and four tranquilizer shots at the bear.

Then, after having already done so in April, authorities transported him again deep into the Angeles National Forest.

The problem is that as he's become familiar with Glendale and knows there is food there, there is, according to a Fish and Game spokesperson, a 50-50 chance he will return, the Los Angeles Times reports.

And while euthanizing the bear is an option "on the table," authorities told the Times, Glen Bearian's popularity makes it an unlikely ending.

After the massive, lovable fella was spotted eating frozen Costco meatballs out of garage refrigerator in March, he's become a national celebrity, keeping us abreast of his inner-most thoughts on his Twitter account.

After waking up from his most recent tranquilizer-induced slumber, @TheGlendaleBear tweeted Monday: And while most of the big guy's tweets are humorous, some include the same warnings that Fish and Game officials are giving residents:

Check out photos from when Glen Bearian was tranquilized and returned to the wild in April:

Glendale Bear Returned To The Forest